<aside> 💡 If you are having an issue with a Shoptiques.com Order, please email pos@shoptiques.com with the order number and a description of the issue. If this is your first time shipping a Shoptiques order, follow the steps below.


  1. Congrats on your first sale on Shoptiques.com! It is important to ship orders quickly to ensure a wonderful customer experience & to possibly gain a repeat customer! First impressions are everything!
  2. To pack your order, you will need 5 things: The Item Ordered, FedEx Express Packaging, A Shoptiques Packing Slip, Your Shoptiques Provided Shipping Label, and the Shoptiques Return Instructions.
  3. To see what the customer ordered, you can pull up the order in your POS by going to http://pos.shoptiques.com/sales and filtering your Sales Channel by Shoptiques.com. It will show a status of New - Ship ASAP.
  4. Click on the sale to open the details. Here you will see the customer information & what they ordered.
  5. On the right side of the screen, you will see buttons to print your packing slip and shipping label.
  6. These buttons will re-direct you to boutiqueadmin.shoptiques.com. Simply login using the same credentials as your POS, then download your packing slip, shipping label, and return instructions.
  7. Next, pack up the item and include a thank you note, the packing slip, and the return instructions for the customer. Then put the shipping label on the front of the package.
  8. Drop the package off at a FedEx location near you. Need help finding one? Click here