Attending University has become common. Let’s face it, what choices do we have? This is even more relevant in Italy where having a degree is seen as compulsory to get a job.

From this, in 2016 we (me and a classmate) saw a gap among companies and students who did not know what to do after graduation. Then, we studied and developed a web platform that local businesses could use to look for emerging high school talents. The platform has survived since these days. We recently decided to rescope and redesign it to deliver a better experience.

The problem

After 5 years of work, the website needed to have a new style and to better address old and new problems.

From the analytics and emails we got the last year (2020), the main flaw we found was that the website was not able to ease people’s lives as we expected. There were relevant usability flaws and some missing features that other competitors had. Moreover, students were not updating their information.


The goals of the project were: