Taken from the MoLI Strategic Plan 2017-19

Executive Summary

MoLI strives to be the best place to work in Ireland’s cultural sector. Ours is an inclusive and supportive environment where individuals can realise their potential to the benefit of both themselves and the museum. MoLI is a community with staff and volunteers at its heart, building strong relationships with each other and our audience.

We will continuously foster a culture of constructive proactivity that empowers individuals to take responsibility for their work while sharing in the collaborative successes of the project. We have created policies on remuneration, working practices and internships that will make MoLI competitive enough to attract, develop and retain exceptional people, whether salaried staff or volunteers will be treated with fairness and compassion.

Components in Detail

Responsibility for implementing Human Resources policies rests with the Head of Operations. Familiarisation with this strategy and more detailed policies form part of the induction programme for all new staff, while annual employee/volunteer surveys and engagement workshops provide opportunities to review the strategy’s efficacy.

An Open, Communicative and Supportive Work Culture A structured line management system with regular one-to-one meetings places the building of personal relationships at the heart of our organisational approach. Team meetings and daily cross-departmental debriefings foster a culture of collective responsibility, and senior management encourages courageous experimentation in all areas of our work - we believe  firmly in trying, failing, learning and trying again.

Investing in People Our staff and volunteers are our most important asset, so we will invest in their development as professionals and people through regular training and mentorship. Personal development plans will be agreed with all individual members of staff and reviewed biannually. There will be regular skill sharing and collaborative training across all staff, and frequent access to development and training opportunities for our volunteers.

Equality and Diversity MoLI treats all staff (and everyone who interacts with us through our business or museum activities) equally regardless of gender, marital status, family status, age, religious belief, sexual orientation, disability, race, membership of the Traveller community or socio-economic status. In our working and public environment, all staff, partners, suppliers, users and visitors are valued as individuals. MoLI believes in equality of opportunity, and seeks to reflect the diversity of life in Ireland in the profile of its staff, volunteers and creative output.

Staff Retention MoLI is committed to ensuring all of our staff, regardless of role in the museum, are remunerated fairly for their work. We are committed to benchmarking the minimum hourly rate of pay in the museum against the Irish Living Wage, and all salaries will be frequently benchmarked against comparable roles in the sector. We recognise that happiness at work is not solely about remuneration – MoLI is focussed on ensuring a comfortable work/life balance for all staff. We are an employer that adapts to support its staff: allowing people to continue to develop  and thrive in their careers, whatever the challenges that face them outside of work.

A Rewarding Volunteer Programme Our volunteer programme presents an unparalleled opportunity to engage with our community in a meaningful way, providing a wide diversity of people with the chance to get involved in the cultural life of their city. MoLI’s volunteer programme is based on the principle of mutual benefit. MoLI volunteer roles will be entirely separate to those of staff. Operation-critical roles will not rely on volunteer labour, freeing our volunteers to engage freely with the public or pursue research. The work of volunteers will be recognised both publicly and privately, and volunteers, along with staff, will be encouraged to engage thoroughly in the museum’s activities, becoming knowledgeable about the museum’s subject matter, and MoLI’s greatest ambassadors.

A Fair Approach to our People  MoLI is committed to valuing the hourly unit of work, and will not engage in employment practice that seeks to devalue or place zero value on same. MoLI will not employ staff on zero-hour contracts. We believe that internships in cultural organisations can provide learning opportunities that are unmatched by formal education, but when unpaid they limit access to those opportunities and can be fundamentally exploitative. MoLI provides for unpaid work placements only as a formal requirement of a recognised third level (or similar) qualification. We occasionally offer short paid internships for discrete projects for which there is an open application process. Both internships and placements aim to be mutually beneficial, with measurable learning outcomes for the individual and defined outputs and objectives for the organisation. We have a responsibility to extend the programme only as far as our institutional capacity allows.