Twitter and 微博 Weibo

Starting date: 17/01/2022 10:00 AM CST

Ending date: 27/01/2022 5;00 PM CET

Being inspired by the #WhyWeDAO campaign, the International Media Nodes project decided to launch a Twitter/ 微博 campaign under the #HowWeDAO hashtag!

Join this exciting endeavor to tell the world more about your workplace and work process with a picture and a few words rounded up by the #HowWeDAO hashtag. Don’t forget to tag @IMNbankless and @banklessDAO.

Remember to share this in English and, if applicable, in another language you speak.

The campaign will run from 17.01. to 27.01. Its end will be marked by creating a collage (maybe even to be minted in an NFT!) of all participant's tweets. This is a great way to get a sense of how our community goes about their workday and to highlight the diversity of timezones, workflows, and professional backgrounds in bDAO and DAOs in general.

To encourage participation, the IMN will distribute a free POAP and create a collage with the Tweets after the campaign is over for all who joined in.

Be sure to be a part of it!


To create interest and show people how it is to be part of a DAO.