Our Why

The DAO is about autonomy, however, this stream serves functions which benefit from strong coordination which allows for modularity and increased opportunity for all DAO contributors.

Our goal is to best serve these needs while avoiding policy making, setting mandates, and requirements of enforcements.

How we make decisions

If a decision affects systems which are shared across the DAO (Onboarding, accounting, composable structure) the decision should be brought to the weekly DAOops meeting.

The Cross Stream DAOops group will then determine an L2 stream best capable of driving a decision

The Cross Stream DAOops will determine:

Once a DAOops L3 stream is appointed

1) Appointing a decision making driver - Making sure all voices are heard

Use collab method to make sure all voices are heard, empower someone to execute and make all decisions, group review to finalize implementing the changes. Reiterate after review if needed.

2) Appointing an execution driver - Making a decision together

Use collab method to make the DECISION together. Takes more time, but best option for deep important things. Then assign someone to execute the results, review by group to sign off completion. Reiterate if needed.

Things we need to make this work