<aside> 🗣️ We design how we work as thoughtfully as we design our product. We believe that teams who work together in a cohesive way outperform the rest. That’s why we’ve thought hard about how we work at Oyster.


You can think of How We Work as an outline of our company’s operating system. It’s our source of truth for internal communication processes, our goal system, our rituals, as well as some commonly adopted time management and efficiency practices.

This section is about How We Work together to achieve success and as we continue to grow and mature as a business. This document will grow and mature with us over time: we must embrace change as it comes.

One important thing to note is that this document focuses on company-wide and inter-departmental process, not on any specific team process. As we grow, teams develop their own ways of working together that may, to some extent, differ from what is in this document—and that’s fine.

The main focus here is to establish clear ways for teams to work with each other. We’re looking forward to the day when each team at Oyster has their own How We Work page.

If you're new to the Oyster team, we hope this gives you a better understanding of how the company operates and allows you to jump right into working at our global, distributed team.

🌍  Why is Oyster distributed?

To understand how we work together, we need to explain what distributed work is and what that means for us.

Oyster is a fully distributed company and has been from the start. We have no shared office that we travel to each day to work. Our team works from wherever they want: from home, from their favorite café or co-working space, or from a hut in the woods if they want (as long as there’s wifi!).

Our team is spread across 5 continents (and counting). We work together and serve our customers digitally. Distributed work is an approach to work, not just 'working from home.'

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Here are some principles of distributed work:

✅  What is distributed work

❌  What distributed is not