Find out what you can expect from our process before you apply. We want to be as transparent as possible.

1. Application

You apply with your CV and your desired salary. For technical roles, please make sure to highlight the exact tech stack of your past positions or projects. A cover letter is not necessary. We will find out together in our first call whether we are a good match.

We appreciate your time and effort, so we will get back to you within three business days.

2. Culture Fit Interview (~45min)

The purpose of this first interview is to give you a comprehensive impression of us and get to know you better. We will tell you more about the concrete working conditions and our vision. Now it is time to ask all your questions!

There is no need to prepare for the interview, but you should already be conscious of what you want from your new job.

3. Technical Interview (~45min)

In the technical interview with our founder, tech lead and/or product manager, we take a closer look at the concrete tasks and the development environment. Here you will get detailed insights into the actual tasks and challenges at MEMBER.

You can also address all your questions about the product and the general way of working. The best way to prepare yourself is to remember all the similar technical challenges you have already mastered.

4. Technical assessment (~4h)

The intention is to give you a clear picture of the daily work at MEMBER. We find out if you can support us with our current challenges.

How does this work exactly?

We invite you to our Slack workspace, give you access to Github and you will be instructed on a test assignment similar to the one you would face in your daily work. We will provide you with a functioning development environment. You are supposed to complete the task within 4 hours. If you have any further questions, the team is always there to help.

If you have a busy schedule during the week, the assignments can also be completed on weekends.

Very experienced developers with access to already developed applications or their code base have the possibility to swap the test assignment for a presentation of their achievements.

5. Welcome to our team!

Once we know that it's a good fit, both personally and professionally, we shouldn't waste any more time. We will send you our contract as soon as possible and plan everything else, like the set-up of your home office and your onboarding!

How long will the process take? ⏱️

We're no fans of drawn-out and complicated processes. We make our decision within 10 days after the initial interview! 🚀