<aside> ☝ This page outlines how we hire people at Pento and what happens once we make you an offer to join us. We want everything to be clear from the start — as we hire people across multiple countries, we have various hiring mechanisms and differing timelines.

Our People and Talent team is here to guide you also; let us know if you have questions along the way 😀



Start date options

We have 2x start date options a month — the first and third Monday of each month.

This enables new joiners to form small cohorts, who join a ‘new joiners Slack channel’ created each month and experience a (varying) structured-ish onboarding.

Contract options

Your contract options will differ depending on where you are located (we hire in most countries within +/- 3-hours CET):

<aside> 💡 What’s an EOR and why do we use them?

Offer → contract timeline

Our EOR partners have specified onboarding timelines — the window of time they need to get you set-up on the platform and to produce your contract. This is 7-10 days on average and means that there will be a delay from the moment you receive an offer to when you will receive your contract. This may also determine your start date if you’re available to start right away.

If you’re hired directly, the contract timeline will be shorter; it will be with you within 1-2 days.


Expected EOR contract discrepancies

Many countries mandate that specific terms are included in contracts (based on local employment legislation) and we will comply (such as required maximum probation or notice periods). Sometimes we must also include terms which differ from the benefits you will actually receive. The most common is vacation days — we’re often mandated to include a number of vacation days when in-fact you will have unlimited time off. In this case, we will include 30.