Estimated time invest until offer: ~3-6 hours

👆 Most importantly: We see the hiring process as a dialogue. We try to give you as much insight as possible during the application to respect your efforts and want you to know as much as possible about us so that you build up conviction

⏳ We are mindful of your time: Our aim is to finish the process within 2 weeks (from application to offer). We are trying to do as much of our interview process remotely. If you are up for it, we are always open to meet you in person.

💬 We value Feedback. Regardless of the outcome, in the end, we will provide you with valuable feedback. And Feedback is a two-way street. We are always curious to hear how you have experienced the journey with us and what we can do to improve our candidate experience.

🌻 Our Interview Process

1️⃣ Get-to-know call 30 minutes

2️⃣ Meet the team 45 minutes

We value team fit over everything else. That’s why we want to introduce your future teammates as early as possible.

3️⃣ Challenge Check1.5-4 hours challenge + 45 minutes debrief