At CONNECT Care, we have very few rules for our team, but one of the few rules we do have is that you must share (and help us foster) our patient-first mindset.

<aside> ⬇️ Here are some of the ways we help our team do that:


Development and design

No technology should be developed, designed, or deployed in isolation of the care settings we work in. That's why it's almost guaranteed that everyone in our teams (not just leads or managers) will have direct engagement with our patients, as well as the people who care for them.

Time in the 'real-world'

Every few months, we encourage our teams to spend a day on site where our technology is being used – whether that's in a community care setting or an NHS hospital. And not just where our technology is being used: we work with our partners (pharmacies and care providers) to arrange cross-industry visits, too – so that we can see first-hand the problems and challenges our partners face when supporting patients and vice versa.

Hub day

Every so often, the CONNECT Care team gets together in-person. For those that can make it there, one of our team days every few months is spent in the North at the pharmacy 'hub' of our partners – Pharmalogic Chemist. Not only does this help our team see the mammoth operations that get medicines to vulnerable patients, but allows us to remain true to our Lancashire roots.

The fundamental question

Whenever we look to build anything or launch a new product or service, we always ask – how will this help inform, engage, and support patients? By bringing it back to our core value, we ensure that we're not building something just because we think it's a good idea – instead it's because there is a real patient need.