<aside> 💡 Good correspondence is key, below is a guideline for how we do meetings.


The road to a successful remote organization is paved with good communication and it is therefore hyper important that we are able to stay in sync and know what each other are working on.

This is the primary goal of our established meetings, but sometimes these meetings may not be enough. In those cases, it may make sense to schedule a separate meeting where something can be sorted out.

Please keep in mind, though, that our favorite types of meetings are the ones that don't occur - meetings have a tendency to become long and you can quickly lose focus, so be mindful of this before firing off an invite. At Medusa, we have some guidelines for how to run meetings and we expect everyone to follow these:

Meeting timing and participants

We’d like to keep meetings short (if not avoid them altogether), so therefore please default to short meetings when booking in teammates. We suggest:

As a rule of thumb, please consider having as few participants as possible. Only invite “critical people” to avoid being over-consumed in meetings.

Recurring meetings & meetups

Discovery Days 💡

Participants: All