I had always wanted to create something onchain but after investigating how to do that it became clear that I would need both a lot of money and a smart solidarity dev to make that happen. I had neither at my disposal.

Storing anything onchain is pretty costly which is why onchain art is usually pretty simple vector art or pixel art, as these are relatively small files so less costly to mint to the blockchain.

Then I saw a small collection making a bit of fuss in some onchain circles that I kept an eye on. The collection that people were mentioning would apparently allow creators to build onchain projects without any code. And so I stumbled across OnchainKevin - and after I looked at the floor price - which was about 0.04 at the time, I bought a few with the intention that I would come back to them later.

Fast forward a few weeks and I joined their community and started learning about how I might create an onchain project. When I first started playing the file sizes were tiny and you had to create in a 24x24 or 36x36 size sprite (the term for a pixel canvas) and the traits needed to be 2kb max. But playing with those limitations taught me how to keep the file sizes small, and how to draw out detail with just a few pixels.

Eventually the size limitation lifted and I started playing in a bigger sprite - this time 64x64. The WomenOnChain were originally my attempt at converting an off chain collection I had made into pixels.

As I developed the art and came to realise that I was on to something I thought it would be good to reach out to some other women PFP onchain collections. Turns out they didn’t exist.

Two collection called Onchain Woman and even Women on chain did exist, but … they were not onchain!

I have been in the space since early 2021 and I understand the importance of two things when it comes to longevity of projects:

  1. Being the “first” to do something means a lot.
  2. Original art beats derivatives … every time.

When I realised WomenOnChain was the first women PFP collection, the art - always a focus for me as an artist - became even more important. I spent a lot of time making sure that they were distinct, told a story about what kind of woman they were (even though they are relatively simple art!) and were inclusive of all women - young, old, and of any racial background.

Using OnChainKevin and the technology that Indelible Labs created I was able, as a passionate women founder who is here to contribute to the broader ecosystem, to create the first women PFP onchain.

I am extremely proud of that. I have a big vision for what I am creating. Since launching WONC I feel like I am doing the thing that I was meant to be doing. And nothing is quite a empowering as that.

<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> You can get a WomenOnChain on Opensea: