<aside> đź’ˇ Custom domains are available from the Pro subscription of Friendly Automate.


What are custom domains?

By default, we provide Friendly Automate under a subdomain of ours, e.g. yourname.friendlyautomate.com.

With a custom domain Friendly Automate is available under your own domain or subdomain, e.g. info.yourdomain.com.

This gives you a number of benefits:

The hosting of Friendly Automate is of course completely up to us, even when using custom domains.

How do I set up a custom domain?

Technically, a custom domain works via a so-called domain alias (CNAME). In this way, your domain or subdomain points to our servers. This is how you set it up:

1. Decide on the name of your custom domain

A custom domain is usually a subdomain of your main domain. Only in this way you can benefit from all the advantages of a custom domain. If your main domain is yourdomain.com, a subdomain of it would be xyz.yourdomain.com, for example.

These subdomain names are most popular with our customers: