What is a Chatbot with Multiple Choice Questions

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What is a Chatbot with Multiple Choice Questions?

You can prepare different choices that customers can click on. By selecting the button of their choice, the customer will then be directed to the next step of their inquiry. We suggest you to create a Chatbot with Multiple Choice Questions based on Frequently Asked Questions to increase operation efficiency.

Concentrate on chats that are related to sales by streamlining repeated inquiries with the support bot. A well-made support bot can reduce simple repeated inquiries by more than 50%.

You can easily create any scenario you want at any time, without the need for developers or coding. You can create a support bot to particularly target VIP customers, or even set up support bots for specific pages.

Examples of Chatbots with Multiple Choice Questions

Example 1. Reduce repetitive inquiries

By placing buttons focusing on simple repeated inquiries located in the “Start Context” panel, customers can quickly get the answers to their inquiries.