Step 1 -

Delete Whatsapp

Step 2 -

Reinstall Whatsapp

Step 3 -

Press support

Screenshot - 2022-01-19T115859.244.png

Step 4 -

Write the following message at the bottom

Hi WhatsApp Teams,

We are writing hoping to restore our service on WhatsApp as we believe we are sending out messages in a proper manner. This number is essential for us to keep our communication to our subscribers as we provide valuable community service. We could provide supporting documents regarding this. Hope to hear from the WhatsApp team soon.

Your Company

Based on other user experience, 80% it will take 1 day to be unblock.

Other methods:

  1. You can change your phone and phone number
  2. You can sign up new accounts on ChatDaddy
  3. Our system and your order notification system will still be used normally after you use your new WA to scan