How to start a new bot if you have never done it before? Let's learn the basics

Select messengers

Kwizbot allows you to create a single script for different messengers, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger are supported out of the box, a widget on the site, but you can also connect other messengers.

Create tokens in messengers

To start the work, you need to create tokens for the messengers that you want to connect. Detailed instructions on how to register bots to receive tokens in different messengers here How to connect messengers

Write a script

The script is how the bot will interact with the user.

What is a good bot script?

A good bot script should be engaging, logical, and lead to the ultimate targeted action.

What does this mean in practice? Imagine that a bot is a living person (seller, operator, manager, specialist, and so on). Write a dialogue with the user as you would like this person to speak and so that it is always clear to the user what the bot is asking him about and what he will receive if he answers (clicks the button, writes the text).

Communicate with the user informally to the extent that it is interesting and fun. Always think about what doubts or objections the user might have and anticipate them.

Lead your user to the target action - order, appointment for a consultation, communication with the operator, and so on as simply as possible so that he does a minimum of actions. Be especially careful not to lead the user into a "dead end" situation when he does not know what to do and how to get back.

For more on what good and bad scripts are, see Kwizbot Академии

In which program to create the script?

There are several of the most popular options. The script can be created in an external program or directly in Kwizbot. It is convenient to create a script in external tools in order to comment on it, print it, discuss it with the team. You can create a script right in Kwizbot if you need to quickly get a prototype of a working bot.

Mind map script

A mind map is a branched tree, a visual tool for visualizing the process of communication between a user and a bot. The central menu of the bot is placed in the center, from which branches-keywords and images, etc. depart. The structure can be as branched as you like.

This is how a script in mind map format might look like