In order to publish your Framer website to a custom domain purchased through a web hosting service, you’ll need to add it to your project and setup DNS records for it in your domain provider. Purchase a domain through a web hosting service, such as Google Domains or GoDaddy. Once you have a custom domain, go to the Domains page in your Site Settings and select Connect a domain you own.

After inputing your domain, replace your DNS records with the Framer DNS records provided below in the web hosting service you have purchased your domain from. Domain registrars and hosting companies typically have their own custom panel for DNS management, but this can typically be done under Domain Settings > DNS Records. Listed below is a list of support articles for the most commonly used domain registrars:

Configuring a Domain (

To configure a ‘naked’ or ‘apex’ domain ( without the www), you’ll need to set up two A records and one CNAME (for the redirect) in your DNS settings with the following values.

Name Type Value A A CNAME

Configuring a Subdomain (

To configure a subdomain ( or, you can set up a CNAME record your DNS settings. Please note that some domain registrars may require you to add a dot / period at the end. (

Name Type Value CNAME