In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Suited offers reasonable accommodations to the Essential Competencies Assessment.

We do require additional documentation in order to verify and enable the reasonable accommodation. Please email us at with official documentation (e.g., from a medical professional, a college/university, etc.) that describes the specific accommodation that you are requesting. Our assessment team will review the documentation and promptly follow up with any additional requests or next steps.

All information you provide Suited, including making the request itself, will only be used by Suited to verify and enable your accommodation.

<aside> ☝ Please note, we do not share any of this information with any of our partner firms and they will not be aware that a request was made.


Do not start the ECA in the Suited portal. This is a timed test and will not be able to support any reasonable accommodation. However, you can complete the psychometric assessment in the portal before or after being given reasonable accommodations.