❓Not sure what a "stupid shit hackathon" is? Check the website.

Due to the global pandemic, in-person gatherings are a terrible idea so the 4th annual Boston Stupid Hackathon is happening online this year and is open to anyone anywhere in the world that wants to participate. To make the hackathon work online, we'll be using Slack throughout the day and Zoom for project presentations in the evening.

To participate, follow the steps below:

1. On or before May 2: 🌟 Sign up to participate 🙋🏽‍♀️

Signing up for the Slack is how we know you want to participate. Make sure to have Slack notifications on for the #announcements channel (they're on by default). Also feel free to use any name you're comfortable with when signing up.

2. On May 2 at 10:30am ET: Join the Slack 💬

The hackathon "officially" begins at 10:30am ET with a short kickoff, but you can join any time before or after that. Join alone or with friends, with project ideas or without — we'll try to make sure your experience is as stupid as possible.

Look in the #announcements slack channel for guidance or ask questions in #random.

3. 10:30am–8pm ET: Brainstorm and Hack! 🔨

You have until 8pm to think of ideas, chat, find collaborators, make things, and submit your projects to be presented.

Throughout the hacking period, participants will occasionally be randomly paired with other participants in the Slack and invited to chat and share what they're working on. This is totally optional but might be a nice way to socialize while we're social distancing.

4. Before 8pm ET: Sign up to present your project 📥

Please fill out the Google form linked above if you want to present your project. You'll present your project for a couple minutes on Zoom sometime after 8pm.

5. 8pm–??? ET: Join the Zoom for project presentations 📈

The zoom link for presentations will be posted in the #announcements Slack channel. The presentations will be recorded, but feel free to opt out of the recording. Even if you didn't make a project, please feel free to join and watch the presentations! Otherwise, the presentations will be posted online later.


You can sign up for our mailing list to be notified of future Stupid Shit Hackathons.