PartsPal makes easy it for auto parts distributor to manage part fitment information. You can add and edit existing details, vehicle fitments and cross-reference information. In this article, we cover how to edit a catalog part information and dive a little deeper into the different options.

What is the difference between products and catalog parts?

Products are the listings that you sell. You can create a product with just any field and a price, and make the product available to your sales channel.

A catalog part is a part from Global Auto Parts Catalog - which has over 46 million parts. The catalog part contains important information such as descriptions, dimensions and fitment information.

When you upload or create a product on PartsPal, that product is matched with a catalog part.

When publishing to sales channels, the product is pushed to your sales channels, with information from the catalog part.

Editing catalog part information

When editing Catalog Part information, the verified changes you make will be able to viewed by everyone using GAPC

To get started select the Parts Catalog (GAPC) manager tab from the navigation menu on the left. There is a "Only show my parts" checkbox that is ticked by default, confirmed that the catalog parts showing are the ones that have been linked to your products.

Select the part that you would like to edit.


On the preview panel on the right, you can see the current details available. For example, this part contains dimensions, weight and fitment information. From this panel, you will be able change categories, add dimensions & weight and add fitment notes.


In this tab, you will be able to add or edit the vehicles that the part fits. The vehicle list is from Universal Vehicle Database (UVDB), which contains over 250,000+ vehicle. Select the +add new fitment button and enter the vehicle.