Once you finish setting up your Jemi profile, it’s time to share it with your fans! Sometimes it can be hard to talk about your Jemi page — how do you inform your audience about it without sounding like you’re begging for support? Keep in mind that your fans want to stay up to date with you and it’s important for them — and for you — to grow a sense of community and to support your creations. Continue reading for quick tactical tips for launching your Jemi page to your audience!

1**. Add Jemi to your link in bio.**

You can copy your unique Jemi clicking on the 🔗 icon on your Jemi dashboard. Once you copy your URL, you can add it to your link in bio on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok by clicking on "Edit Profile" and pasting it into where it says "Website".


2**. Post on all your social channels**

Post your Jemi page link to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, your website, blog, etc. See below for examples!

3**. Share with friends and family.**

Call your family and friends and let them know you will be launching your Jemi page!

4**. Email your followers**

If you have the contacts of your followers, email them that you're officially launching on Jemi!

5**. Add your Jemi link to your email signature.**

Add your Jemi link to your email signature, so that your fans know where to go to support you.