Time to embed your fancy new app in the right place on your website!

1. Choose your embed option

Aiden offers 3 ways to integrate: as an in-page app, as a pop-up modal, and as a simple IFrame.

Embedding is easy: simply pick your preferred integration option, then copy and paste the embed code into the HTML of the desired page on your website.

  1. Navigate to Integrate.

  2. Select your preferred mode of integration:


  3. Make the necessary adjustments to the button text or menu bar height.

  4. Copy the embed code:


  5. Paste the embed code in the relevant part of your website's HTML.

  6. Test, test, test! Does the application show up the way you want it to? How does it look on mobile?

Want to know the difference between the embed options?

Read on to discover the ins & outs of each one:

  1. As a pop-up modal
  2. As an in-page app
  3. As a simple IFrame

2. Embed as a pop-up modal

This embed option creates a start button on your website. Once a customer clicks the start button, it opens the app as a full-page pop-up modal. Here's an example:


The car seat category page features a button 'Start car seat finder'.


A pop-up modal with the product finder opens.

Want to call the pop-up modal from a website element other than a button?

Check out this related tutorial:

Embed as a pop-up (advanced)

3. Embed as an in-page app (experimental)

This embed option ensures that your app is featured in-page. Use it, for example, to place your app above the product list on a category page. Or on a separate campaign page. Here's an example where our Car Seat Finder is featured at the top of the car seats category page: