Evlaa is a tool that allows you to retrieve the selections of your clients directly on Lightroom. We are based on a Lightroom publishing service. To use Evlaa, you need to install ou Plug-in, and it's very simple :

  1. Download the Lightroom plug-in here.
  2. Unzip the download and move the evlaa.lrplugin folder in a safe place on your Computer.

Note: You can save the plug-in wherever you like, however we recommend a safe place where it is less likely to get deleted or moved around. evlaa.lrplugin is required for the plug-in to function correctly.

Installing the plug-in

  1. On Lightroom, go to File > Plug-in Manager...


  2. Click on the Add button


  3. Locate evlaa.lrplugin that you have just downloaded and click Add Plug-in

  4. Click on Done


Et voilà, The installation is done. :-)

How to configure Evlaa plug-in