Step 1:

  1. Go to ChatDaddy notifications(
  2. click "Boutir"

Screenshot - 2022-02-10T175911.123.png

Step 2:

Enter your credentials

Boutir login username (email)

Boutir login password

Notice: If you change your Boutir username and password later, you'll need to integrate again

Screenshot - 2022-02-10T175942.252.png

Step 3:

Select the language you want for your notification message

Screenshot - 2022-01-20T130956.433.png

Step 4:

You may click here to check your message template

Screenshot - 2022-01-20T131210.802.png

Step 5:

You could edit your message template content here

Screenshot - 2022-01-20T131231.167.png

Step 6:

After checking everything you may click confirm

Screenshot - 2022-01-20T131300.399.png

Integration successfully installed!

Screenshot - 2022-01-20T133512.491.png

More Information

What are all this buttons?

「Add Default Trigger」- Used to add trigger messages templates that is made by Chatdaddy 「Add Custom Trigger」- Used to self design trigger with own message template and conditions

Screenshot - 2022-01-20T134027.417.png

「Random」 - This panel is used to choose which device to send message from 「Search Order」- This is used to look for orders captured by our system

Screenshot - 2022-01-20T134834.369.png

How to enable testing mode

「Enable Testing」- This is used to enable testing or send to different receiver’s phone number

Screenshot - 2022-01-20T135150.265.png

here you can also set up if you want the order customer to receive the notification or the recipient to receive the notification

Screenshot - 2022-01-20T140200.159.png

Condition - Used to set up the conditions that will trigger the message based on your ecommerce platform