Using the CSV Upload function to import candidate details for a task

(Accompanying this help article is a mini-video).

Please note: If you have already uploaded your candidate details, but now need to add a small number of extra candidates (e.g. for late-comers), you can do this manually using the 'Add Candidate' button. Please refer to this guide.

(If you have many extra candidates to add, however, you will find it easier to carry out an additional CSV file upload.)

If your task is set up to use Codes (you can check that Use Codes is set to 'Yes' in Settings - click the 'Settings' button), then you will be able to upload candidate details to your task.

When you click into your task from the task list and then click on Populate, generate, download & print coded sheets, it will take you to the Candidates page:

Click on the CSV UPLOAD tab and you should see this screen:

Note the required format for your CSV file in the table at the bottom of the screen (both the column titles AND the cell formats).

Click on the appropriate 'Template File' button (UK, USA or Aus) to download the CSV template file. When you open this downloaded file, you should see something like the following:

UK Template File

(use for Assessing Primary Writing, Improving Secondary Writing, Assessing GCSE English):

USA Template File