We encourage the public to forage responsibly in our public park. Please respect these guidelines:

1. Positively identify a food before you consume it.

iNaturalist, field guides, and plant keys are a good place to start. Some edible plants have poisonous look-alikes! Be careful!

2. Understand that each plant has a specific way it should be harvested.

Never take roots of native plants, and harvest carefully to avoid harming the rest of the plant. Only collect the part of the plant that you intend to use.

3. Be mindful of your local laws.

Foraging is not allowed in NYC Parks Department parks. Stuy Cove Park is managed by Solar One, and this is a foraging pilot program to encourage biophilia in urbanites.

4. Learn about the health of the land.

Contaminants can be taken up into plant tissues. Only forage plants grown in clean soils.

<aside> 🌱 (We have tested our soils - you can see soil test results at Solar1.org).


5. Know that some foods may not agree with your body.

Any new foods can cause an adverse reaction. Sample a small bite and wait a day to see how your body reacts.

6. Only take a small percent of the harvest, leaving plenty for other foragers and wildlife.