If you can’t find a guest's contact detail easily, these approaches can help you.

Step 1: The show notes

Some podcasters provide their contact details in their show notes for any listener. This can make it easy to contact them.

Step 2: Websites

Podcasters and other guests often have a website where they provide contact forms or list their contact details.

Step 3: Social media

Most people have some form of social media account and often provide the details to the public. If you can find them (via a google search) you can either send them a public message or you may be able to send them a private or direct message.

Step 4: Google it*

Try searching for the podcast name and “email address” or “contact”. You can also try using “Site:” followed by the site URL and then “contact” or email, this can help you find details that have since been hidden.

*Or Bing it I suppose