Notion is one of the fastest-growing productivity tools, with tens of millions of customers. Its “all-in-one” workspace allows users to create beautiful documents combined with powerful databases and automations.

Customers often use Notion to build things like project trackers, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and status update documents.

For many of these use cases, however, users are used to seeing charts, graphs, and timelines in a visual format. Notion does not have charting functionality currently, so customers often search for other products and workarounds in order to create and/or embed charts into Notion.

Here is a comprehensive guide on multiple methods and tools to create and embed charts in Notion.

Option 1: Set up Notion’s Google Drive connection and embed a Google Sheet in Notion

Notion allows you to connect your Google Drive and embed Google Drive documents directly inside of your Notion pages. This method allows you to create a chart in Google Sheets and then embed your Google Sheet into Notion.

If your data already lives in Google Sheets or it is easy for you to use Google Sheets to create charts, creating a chart in Google Sheets may be the easiest way for you to create a chart inside of your Notion doc.

Step 1: Enable the Google Drive connection for your Notion workspace

Click here to add the Google Drive connector for Notion to your workspace


Step 2: Copy the URL for your Google Sheet