For this tutorial we will create a blog post titled ‘10 tips for writing ad copy that converts’. In this blog we will create 10 tips on how to create ad copy that converts.

1. Create a new document

You can create a new document by clicking the '+' button from the documents page.

Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 18.32.24.png

2. Enter a title for the document & blog

It’s important to specify the title first because this is going to be used by AI for different operations. The title is used by the AI for context in order to understand what kind of content it needs to generate.

If you don’t yet have a title for a blog then have a look at this tutorial to quickly generate blog ideas in seconds.

How to generate Blog Post Ideas

3. Set the tone, creativity and other params for the blog

Once the title is entered then the next step is to set the tone, creativity and length for the content that AI needs to write.