The following steps are our recommended procedures for getting up to speed and becoming a contributor as quickly and efficiently as possible.

<aside> ✒️ Step 1: Read our Working Agreement


Reading our Working Agreement is the best way to learn what we are all about. It is the long-form version of our mission and values and explains everything from who we are to what we are trying to accomplish and why.

<aside> ✒️ Step 2: Join B Labs Discord —> introduce yourself in the #introduction channel.


Head over to the b labs community category and search for the #introcutions channel to introduce yourself. Use the INTRO framework if you’re unsure what to include:

I — interests

N — needs (to do best work)

T top reason for being here

R — relevant experience

O — other (anything you want)

<aside> ✒️ Step 3: Go through our onboarding flow.


We worked closely with the folks from Catapult to create a smooth onboarding experience for new and existing members:

<aside> ✒️ Step 4: Review the latest materials.


Workstream calls record their notes in our page. Find the last few meetings from your workstream and get caught up on current projects. You can also check out our ‣ page as well as the for a list of currently active projects & tasks.