Choosing a web developer today is an asterisk problem. Dozens of web studios in IcoreAustralia offer their services, luring customers with prices and various services, framed with beautiful headlines and calls to action. To choose a company to create a site, a potential client is forced to spend his time browsing sites, reading reviews, analyzing pricing policy. But this is not a guarantee that the choice will fall on a professional performer, ordering a website from which the client will be satisfied. How to choose a web studio to create a website and be satisfied with the result? Let's talk about this in the article.


Every aspiring programmer considers it his duty to offer professional website development services. Each young start-up studio considers itself already a specialist and offers services for a lot of money. Every third web studio believes that it has grown to a digital agency and has every right to increase its pricing policy by adding a couple of new ones to the list of its services. Let's be objective. Not everyone in the IT market is really a professional. This is the main problem for a potential customer. In words, each company is “laying smoothly”, promising mountains of gold in the form of a cool web project. But in fact, it turns out that the project comes out crude or unfinished, with a large number of errors that directly negatively affect the conversion of the site. Here is an example of what mistakes can be when creating a website . The subsequent result is obvious. The client is disappointed, his business is idle, the money has been spent and there is a need for repeated costs to improve the site. To avoid this, we recommend using the tips that will tell you what to look for when choosing a web developer.

8 TIPS ON HOW TO CHOOSE A CONTRACTOR TO CREATE A WEBSITE Below are 10 of the most key factors to consider when choosing a contractor.


A web studio without its own website is a shoemaker without boots. Today, there are still firms that post announcements about their services on free message boards, on poles, billboards with only a contact phone number and e-mail address. The company's own website is its face, by which one can already judge the capabilities and professionalism. Therefore, if the developer does not have his own website, then you should not contact him.

If there is a site, then you should analyze its functionality, design, portfolio with examples of work, the presence of a blog, the quality of content. All this becomes an example that testifies to the capabilities of the developer.

OFFICE AVAILABILITY Half of web studios do not have their own office. It is a fact. But when any conflict situation arises or when questions arise, where will you, as a client, turn to? If a web studio understands that in a situation the truth is on your side, then, most likely, its representatives will not answer calls, letters and SMS. An office is a must for a good web studio. This is not only a guarantee that you can, if necessary, meet with a manager to discuss issues, but also evidence that the company has a high enough level, since it has the ability to maintain an office.

WORK UNDER THE CONTRACT Professional web studios are required to work under a contract. The agreement is legally binding and is the main document with which you can go to court in the event of conflict situations. The contract must contain the terms of cooperation, the obligations of the contractor and the customer, the terms for the development of the site and its cost, the conditions of work in the event of force majeure circumstances, the terms of payment (the amount of prepayment and post-payment). Cooperation "on parole" does not last long - before the formation of the first problems. If a web studio works without a contract, the company is not legally registered, then this suggests that the customer is more likely to lose in the event of conflict situations.

PREPARATION OF TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Terms of reference for the development of the site - the document on which the development of the site is based. It specifies absolutely all the technical requirements for the work of developers: semantics, structure, design, functionality, content. Each item is described in detail in order to minimize possible operational errors. It is difficult to imagine what the result will be if the terms of reference are not drawn up. The TK is discussed in detail with the client, everything must be agreed and signed by him after the customer is satisfied with the information specified in the document. Without drawing up this document, the probability of receiving an unfinished project is rapidly approaching 100%.

WEB STUDIO STAFF In a professional web development company, a priori, 2-3 people cannot work, performing work for 6. You should make sure that the company employs:

Project manager. The person who will lead your project, answer your questions, control the work of the developers; Internet marketer. The person who advertises and promotes sites, performs analytics, is responsible for optimizing the site and its pages; Designer. Website design specialist . It is important that the design is always developed from scratch, and not downloaded from free services or bought for a penny from paid ones; Layout designer. The person who makes up the site, connects it to the CMS, is responsible for the adaptability, cross-browser compatibility of the site; Copywriter. The specialist in charge of the site content; Tester. The person who tests the site after the end of development for various errors. Each specialist should only do his or her main job. This ensures that errors are minimized and the project is delivered on time.