As these projects have shown, the next evolution of companies will be created in public with early customers, partners, and supporters. They’ll be community-owned and operated, building upon the playbooks created by these early NFT and play-to-earn projects.

Founders can’t skip the community-building part anymore. It’s essential to company building.

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Start with a POAP; pronounced ‘poh-ap’, not pope.

POAPs serve as another marker for participation in a community. They help to timestamp your journey and prove your involvement/milestones over time.

POAPs (Proof Of Attendance Protocol) are exclusive Ethereum -based NFT badges given to you for participating or attending special events. The events can be in the physical world, online, or in the metaverse.

They were invented as part of the ETHDenver2019 hackathon. A single POAP can serve different functionality across its lifetime and depending on the collector’s spirit.

The best part is they help to commemorate in-person experiences as well! These can come in handy for various airdrops, governance polls, or even DAO interviews.

To qualify as a POAP an NFT needs to come from the POAPs official smart contract. Additionally, the POAP needs to have a custom image and include the metadata for a particular time and event.

As an event organizer, you should know that attendee see value in POAP’s as a way to share & store digital memories.

What problem does it solve?

POAPs go far beyond being collectible memories. All kinds of event organizers and communities are able to utilize them for their own needs. No matter if it's a fair, convention, online event, concert, party, secret rave, or art gallery opening - you name it.

There are endless opportunities waiting to be explored.

Case Studies