<aside> 💡 Happiness is your soul's feedback when you are fulfilled with your life.


What is fulfillment ?

Fulfilling yourself is taking the path you need to take.

What is the path you need ?

The path you need is the one’s that fits your identity. No matter what path, as long as it coincides deeply with your identity at an intimate level.

What is your identity ?

Your identity is a function that materializes your values into your character : you.

Most of the time character fits and shapes your values.

So now, what are your values ?

Values are :

Everything starts with knowing your values. It’s a difficult exercise but it’s ultimately the most important thing. All self growth comes with understanding that.

At the end, if you don’t know what you values, your identity is screwed.

What is your character ?

<aside> 💡 Character is the crystallization of your values that manifest throught your behavior.