Analyzing your machine downtime is one of the best options to find and eliminate the production bottle-necks and to understand why the machine is not working an selection of interruption reasons should be added to the GlobalReader system for the specific workstation.

How to add a planned and an unplanned interruption reason?

Planned and unplanned interruption reasons are the ones that operators can select to define why the machine was not working and by the definition type of the interruption one has a positive effect one OEE (the period is left out from OEE calculation) and other is included to OEE calculation as not active minutes as the expectation was that machine should have been working.

Please follow the steps to add planned or unplanned interruption reason:

  1. Open the Interruptions section under Advanced Device Setup
  2. Click on 'Add new interruption reason'
  3. Define details - name of the interruption, colour for the interrption in graphs, interruption type, interruption group, comment required to be entered or not, workstation where the interruption can be selected, users who can add this interruptions
  4. Click on 'Save'

Good to know! By default new interruption reasons will be added to all the workstations and for all the users to be allowed to select it. If a reason is a device sepcifci, then please choose the worstation separately.

How to edit an interruption reason?

Interruption reasons can be edited and all the details can be changed. Please follow the steps to edit an interruption reason:

  1. Look up the interruption reason you want to edit - e.g search by the name
  2. Click on the name of the interruption
  3. Edit dialog is opened
  4. Changes details needed
  5. Click on 'Save'

How to inactivate an interruption reason?

When an interruption reason is no longer needed, then it can be inactivated so it will not be seen as an option for defining an interruption. Please follow the steps to inactivate an interruption reason: