img: how do we visualize the blurry ideas in our heads?

img: how do we visualize the blurry ideas in our heads?

Hi, I am trying to design my own branding. How do I get started? I don't have any ideas.

To Start

You have ideas. You just don't know the best way to visualize it. Most of the time, when I visualize ideas, I start by writing things down.

If it is my brand, the first thing I write down a mission or vision statement, then I write down a list of adjectives associated with this statement.

For example, at Typogram, our statement is "empower everyone with design and creativity."

First, I will write a couple of values that I want my brand to project to my customers visually.

Empowering, Creative, Fun

Then, I can go on Pinterest or Vsco or any image discovery platform and start pulling together some images to create mood boards. Lots of people tend to skip this step, but it is super important. Building a mood board helps you build a style/ aesthetic library in your computer and mentally. I know it sounds a little magical, but it's true. By making a mood board, you will better imagine what your brand can become, visually.

Discover and expand your visuals

How do we build a mood board from each word?

Consider each word from different angles (customer side, the business side, and so on).

Take the word empowering, for example:

Search on these terms on Pinterest and see what kind of images will come up.

You might see:

Serious → dark colors?

Happiness → pictures of smiling people,

Warmth → sunshine? Yellow, orange, warm colors?

Protest → protest poster art, bold fonts