<aside> 💡 Podacity is an Ai-based Audio Learning Assistant that transforms your podcast listening into an educational and learning experience. Our mission is to make daily learning ridiculously fun and easy.


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What is Podacity?

Podacity is an Ai-driven audio learning tool that finds podcasts for learning. Podacity is a tool that generates audio learning playlists for Spotify.

Podcasts are more popular today than every before. And more than ever, there are valuable learnings available via podcasts. We're here to help you find these valuable learnings. Podacity transforms your podcast listening into an insightful and educational experience.

Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other popular podcast players tend to be more focused on entertainment-oriented and mainstream podcasts. We built Podacity to surface podcasts based on a relevance score, not current popularity or chart rankings.

We're combining the power of cutting-edge AI language models and deep learning to generate learning lessons on the fly, and find the hyper-relevant podcasts that talk about them.

How Podacity Uses AI

Podacity is powered by cutting-edge machine learning and Ai. We're using the world's most advanced language model to generate human-like outputs for virtually any input.

We leverage these models for language tasks like content comprehension, content generation, summarization and in the future, much more.

Simply put, when you enter an input and generate results, Podacity Ai does not select from a predefined list of choices, instead our Ai generates completely unique text for each query. No two searches will be the same.

Discover Topics with AI

Podacity suggests related topics you might be interested in. Enter any topic you want to learn more about, or enter a topic and progressively refine your search for more complex topics that interest you.

Podcast Search Engine

Our goal is to help you find the the best learning-oriented or educational podcasts. The Podcast Search Engine is optimized to uncover the most relevant podcasts on learning-oriented topics. This means that we tend to favor podcasts from industry and academic experts, accomplished professionals and thought leaders with a track record in the given space.

Less is More

Podcast search results fetches the 10 best and most-relevant episodes for your search input. We retrieve only 10 episodes because browsing through 100s of episodes isn't helpful for learning or efficient in terms of finding something to listen to. The recommendations are capped at 10 podcasts per search because that's about how many podcasts the average listener consumes in a week.