Here’s how to set up to get the most out of Opal, from the basics to becoming a pro.


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The Basics

  1. Install Opal

Opal is available for download on the App Store and the Chrome Store. Once you have installed the app on your iPhone, iPad or Browser, you will be asked to answer a few questions to personalize the experience, start a free trial and install our secure VPN.

Why pay for Opal?

Why does Opal need a VPN? (iOS)

  1. Set your Schedule

Set daily working hours, sleep and routines, choose apps and websites you want to block automatically, so you don’t have to remember. You can also start Timer directly from the app home view to focus right away.

What is Schedule?

What is Timer?

  1. Enjoy!

Opal will automatically follow your schedule, and block apps/websites you set. If you chose this option, you can take breaks and reconnect to apps for a short time. You will also get timely reminders when you get distracted, and your Screen Time stats which you can find on the profile tab of your app.

What are Breaks?