<aside> 👉 We encourage faculty to have their syllabus uploaded and their course published by Course Advising Day.


What does it mean to publish a course?

Publishing makes your course visible to students on your course start date and go into archived mode after the course end date. You can publish or unpublish a course anytime.

When should I publish my course?

You can publish your course at any time prior to your course start date. The start date for a course has already been set for you, and it is likely tied to the term.

If you publish before the course start date, the course will remain hidden to students until the start date passes.

If your course is not published by the course start date, then your students won't be able to view the content inside of your course.

I'm ready to publish!

  1. From the left hand navigation menu, go to Course Info > Settings.
  2. Click the green "Publish" button under the "Course Status" section.
  3. You're done!


You can also get to the same Settings page in a new course by clicking on the "Publish Course" button in the "Getting Started" section your course's dashboard. This "Getting Started" section disappears after you publish your course.


For a more comprehensive outline of course launch tasks, or to learn more about how to adjust a course's settings prior to launch, review the Learn Course Launch Checklist.

Learn Course Launch Checklist

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