There are numerous ways to begin telling your story; but, before you begin, you must first determine what thoughts or content you want to create. PELE Network provides you with a Storytelling Guide to help you get started with your story. Here’s how to pitch a story in PELE Portal:

  1. Login in PELE Portal.


  1. Click the ‘CREATE’ tab for creating new submission.

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  1. After clicking the 'new submission tab,' you may select your own mode. Select the ‘Story Mode’ for pitching your story.


  1. Create your own title and pitch your story.


  1. After creating your title and introducing your story, you may select what part of story you want to upload. PELE Storytelling also provides guidelines for organizing and improving your own story.


  1. After selecting what part of the story you want to upload, you may upload your story and add it to the section.