As we're building FlippedNormals, I'm getting more and more emails - to the point where it's tricky to keep track. It's hard to know what I've replied to, what needs a reply and where I'm waiting for a reply.

Easy Email Management

We've built a simple system to make keep email dead simple and easy to manage. With this system, you'll never miss an email.

Make 3 folders in your email client and color-code them.


File every single email you get into one of these folders.

NEED REPLY - For all emails you need to reply to.

WAITING - When you've replied and you're waiting for a reply.

DONE - The conversation is done.

This makes it really easy to get an overview of what you need to reply to while in your Inbox.


You can also go directly into the NEED REPLY folder to see everything you need to get back to. The goal is that this folder is empty at all times.