Illustrator line patterns are timeless. Like other Adobe Illustrator patterns, they're a quick way to spice up your artwork. This tutorial will teach you how to build a herringbone pattern in Illustrator, make it seamless, and save it as an Illustrator pattern.

Step 1

Create a New File. Press D to reset the Fill and Stroke.


Step 2

Use the Rectangle Tool (M) while holding Shift to draw a square.


Step 3

Go to Object > Path > Split Into Grid. Add 3 Rows and Columns.



Step 4

Take the Line Segment Tool (\) and draw diagonal lines across all the squares. First to the right. then to the left. Make sure to start and end these lines on anchor points.



Step 5

Lock this layer and create a new one. Take the Pen Tool (P). Reset the Fill and Stroke again by pressing D. Click the following points to draw a tilted rectangle./i