Table of Contents

Digital front of House

There is no digital Front of House for this experience. For general questions about accessibility, ask Cathy Gordon

For Audio

Click HERE starting July 8

Venue Guide: Interactive map included with Audio Link above. Traffic Alerts and information about the starting point detailed below.

Audio Transcripts

Click HERE to access the transcript.

To Experience Taddle Creek

There are two ways to experience Taddle Creek:

  1. Audio Only - available July 8 to October 17, 2021

  2. Total Experience - Walk the Taddle Creek route in real life while listening along.

Click HERE for Traffic Alerts along the route.

Starting Point:

Driving: If you drive to the starting point at Church and Gould, the audio tour will end at City Hall.  It is approximately a 20 minute walk back to the starting point. There is paid parking nearby: Dundas Square Toronto parking.

TTC: The closest TTC subway stop to the starting point is the Dundas & Yonge stop. The closes TTC subway stop to the end point is either the Queen and Yonge subway stop or the Osgoode Subway which is at Queen and University.