<aside> 📌 We are always striving to improve and increase student involvement with faculty through research, so please keep an eye out for updates. Exploring the boundaries of knowledge is for everybody, and we strongly encourage our majors of all backgrounds to connect to our research community. Below we give some tips on how you can do that. For more comprehensive information in the meantime, please visit the Research Opportunities, Scholarships, and Funding webpage on the main UC Berkeley Physics website and check in with your physics advisor, GSIs, and professors if you have any questions.


Basic Tips for Finding Research

📌 Our Spring 2021 Physics Undergraduate Research Fair will take place on Wednesday, January 20th from 4 to 6 p.m. on the gather.town platform. More information will be emailed to physics majors and intended majors in January. Plan to attend this event if you're interested in learning more about spring 2021 research opportunities.


  1. Find a Project/Advisor (Note: Physics faculty bios are organized by faculty's area of research here.)
  2. Funding:

Overwhelmed? To-do:

  1. Do background research and decide (approximately) what you want to work on
  2. Go to research fair
  3. Find project
  4. Find funding