Table of Contents

Digital Front of House

Go to HG20 Home page to download the app for Android or iOS. Beginning this fall, please contact Luminato Front of House for questions or concerns.

Henry G20 App Tutorial

To Experience Henry G20

There are various ways to experience Henry G20:

  1. Audio Only - PodPlay (total of five episodes) - available October 13, 2021 - November 11, 2021

Special Presentation: You can also tune into Radio LUMI as hosts Ramya Amuthan and Rebecca Singh lead you through HG20 Armchair Experience with both the visual and audio experiences of the Henry G20 app and additional commentary.

  1. Total Experience - Trace the G20 route in real life while following along in the app.

VENUE GUIDE - Click HERE for detailed explanation of the route with map. Available October 13.

Note: For better access, you can choose to one or multiple locations for your route. All AR (Augmented Reality) stations are available at each location, so that you can choose to do the whole experience in one location, or move along the route at your own pace.