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Drawing Accurately

Smart Geometry

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Mixed Purpose Floors


Core & Shell

You can build Anything in Giraffe! Here are some examples:

Core & Shell

Core & Shell

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‣ Development

‣ Development

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Mixed-Use Development

Mixed-Use Development

Drawing Methods

Giraffe offers 3 methods of generating building geometry:


Click the tool in the draw palette, then select the Usage you would like to apply.

drw bld 1.png

Click once to initiate the shape and a second time to define the width. Pull to specify the length. Click to end tool command.

gi 4 rectangle.gif

<aside> 💡 For precise distances, type a number on the keyboard, and hit enter. Learn more about Drawing Accurately



In the draw palette, select the diagonal 2-dot icon next to the Usage you would like to apply.

gi 4 line.gif

Select whether the geometry offsets from the spine to the right, left, or both.

Select the width of the geometry.

Click at each corner of the line. Double Click at the final node to exit the tool.

drw bld 2.png