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πŸ’‘ How to use this worksheet: Duplicate this page into your own Notion & start dreaming 😜

Step 1: Setting the foundation for your dreams

List out every single night time habit you've tried. Think back to your childhood, high school, college, pre-covid days, and everything betweenβ€”write it all down

Habits I've tried:

<aside> πŸ“Œ Bonus: Next to every habit, add a "+" for ones that sparked joy & were impactful, "=" for ones that were not amazing but not bad, and "-" for ones you can live without


Step 2: Dreaming big dreams

Using the above as reference, write out your ideal night time routine. πŸ€“ This is your DREAM night time routine so dream big & be as detailed as you can

My ideal night time routine:

<aside> ☁️ Remember: You don't need to squeeze in every single "+" impactful habit in the evening. You could space them out throughout the day


Step 3: Turning dreams into reality

Copy & paste your ideal night time routine below, then highlight your non-negotiable aka "must-haves" for your evenings

My "must-have" night time routine:

<aside> βœ… Once you've identified your "must-haves" for your evenings, the rest are your "nice-to-haves." Start working on your must-have night time routine. You can start adding the "nice-to-haves" once you’ve gotten a good hang of your new ~ideal~ routine πŸ˜‰


Step 3.1: Finalizing your dream night time routine ✨