To post your payouts to Xero you first need to connect Crossbeam to your Xero account.


  1. From the Account Menu choose Account settings

  2. Choose Connect to Xero

  3. You will be prompted to sign in to your Xero account. Then select your Xero organisation from the dropdown and choose Continue.

  4. You can now configure your Xero account connection. TIP: If the account dropdowns are empty or missing recently added accounts click Refresh accounts (1)

    2. For Product and Shipping revenue choose accounts your revenue should be posted to. 3. For each payment method, choose a clearing account to post the payment balance to.

    1. You can choose to disable a payment method if you don't want it imported into Crossbeam.

    Once you're done hit Save.

  5. From your dashboard choose a payout period and hit Post to Xero.

You're all done

Tip: Payouts that have been posted to Xero will include a green check mark.