We'll show you How To Connect Canon Printer To Wifi from the device's Control Panel using this tool. This process can be implemented in only 9 stages.

  1. Press the "Power" button to turn on your Canon printer.

  2. Now press the "Setup" button.

  3. Tap the arrow button to select "Device" and click "Ok."

  4. Continue to press the arrow button and the "LAN" settings will be identified. Then click on 'Ok.'

  5. Press again the arrow button. Continue to click it until the wireless LAN configuration is seen. Then click on 'Ok.' The light blinks, and your computer looks for an Internet connection

  6. If you are looking for the wifi network your device will need too long, press 'Stop.' The "Wireless LAN Settings" or the "normal configuration" will take you. You will then click "All right."

  7. To see the wireless network, tap the arrow button. Then click on 'Ok.'

  8. Only complete the wireless password and press "Ok."

  9. When you view the link on the Canon printer monitor, click "Ok"

This is one of the simplest ways to connect Canon Pixma 's WiFi printer. You can connect your printer to your wifi in minutes using this tool. If it doesn't work, move to the second process.

Method 2: Canon Print App for Wireless Canon Printer

Here is another great way to connect a WiFi Canon printer. We would recommend that you install the 'Canon Print' app when you want to connect your Canon wireless printer to your Mac, Apple devices or the Windows system over the Internet. Your printer will be able to communicate with your device quickly and in less time when you download the app.

Method 3: Wi-Fi using the WPS system to connect Canon Pixma.

Many of you can look for a CD-free link to How To Connect Canon Printer To Wifi. Here you can learn how your Canon printer is linked to WiFi through the WPS system that does not require a CD. You can connect your computer to Windows and Mac through this process. Within only six steps the WPS process can be introduced. See these below. See you.

  1. Switch your Canon printer on first.

  2. Hold the router next to your printer to hit the WPS button quickly.

  3. On your printer click the "Wi-Fi" button and hold it until light begins.

  4. Now, at least 2 minutes must be waited for.

  5. The "WPS" button on the router is then pressed. Once the network is found, the blue wifi light goes on. Once the wireless network and power lights get quiet, they connect the wireless network.