Many organizations and home users work with the Outlook application because of its simplicity and advanced features. For any of them, you must know how crucial their emails are. Many users want to backup OST file data in PST format. They are not familiar with the process of backup Outlook OST files to PST file format. Here we provide you with some methods to back up your crucial mailbox data.

MS Outlook has two types of data files PST and OST. PST is saved on the local system. When connected to the Exchange server, OST saves all the Exchange mailbox data in offline mode. This OST file allows user to still access their mailbox data items and work even when disconnected from the Exchange server and synchronized the data later when reconnected. So in order to back up the OST file, you need to convert OST to PST file format and use the PST file as a backup file.

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Why do you need to Backup the OST File?

Assume you are unable to access an email account, then it would be a very troubling situation for you. Hence, it is recommended to back up the OST file to avoid this type of situation and save your crucial data on your local system.

1. OST file corruption problem –

The OST file can be corrupted due to many reasons like viruses or Malware attacks, abrupt system shutdown, etc. So if a backup is available then you can easily recover the corrupted data. Or you can convert OST to PST file to back up the data to be able to work in offline mode.

2. Deletion of mailbox –

Sometimes users mistakenly delete the data and realize it later. Users can restore the data from the PST file in case the user has the backup.

3. Mailboxes get deleted from Exchange Server –

If your mailbox gets deleted from the Exchange server and if something went wrong during the synchronization process; you can use the backup data for restoration or access the OST file.

4. It helps to migrate the data From one place to another –

Converting OST file to Outlook PST file format also helps the user to export the data from one place to another. It is very helpful in case the user wants to export the crucial OST file data to another system that does not have the home user connectivity.

5. If MS Outlook throws an error message –

It is possible that; one day, when you open MS Outlook in the office, you might get an OST file error message. These errors message could be due to any reason, and it will not let you access your data. To avoid the situation it is always advisable to backup OST file data.

How to Backup OST file data in a PST file format?

In order to backup OST file data in PST format, one has to do it by converting OST into PST file format. There are various manual and automated approaches to saving OST files into PST Format.

1. Outlook's Archive option

Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 has this inbuilt feature by which you can move the entire mailbox contents of an OST file into a PST file format.