❓ As a foreigner, how to assess if a Ukrainian is “suspiciously” too emotional? Or llegitimate?

Simple answer:

❌ You shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

❓How to find out if someone is genuine?


🚩 Continuous harassment of a Ukrainian activist should be a huge red flag.

🚩 Sensationalist accusations constantly made from anonymous accounts, should be an even bigger red flag.

❗️This is NOT infighting and it’s extremely dangerous for Ukraine’s security.

Questions to ask yourself when you see an attack:

Alona Shevchenko on Twitter: "Out of all the various accusations that people throw at Ukrainians online, these ones the most bizarre to me:✅ attention-seeker✅ click-baiterI didn't know that "seeking" people's attention to the fact that russia is waging a genocidal war against us was a bad thing? 🧐 / Twitter"